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Kristina Lindfors

Kristina Lindfors is an independent Italian documentary photographer with Russian and Scandinavian origins. She lives and works in Farnese, Italy. 


 After graduating in history of art at the Sapienza University in Rome, she studied documentary photography at photography school Docdocdoc (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and attended a year-long masterclass with Antonio Faccilongo, an award-winning documentary photographer. 


Her work mainly focuses on themes of identity and trauma, vulnerability, and resilience with an accent to female stories. She is also interested in exploring the life and ideology of different social groups facing challenges and inequalities. Her working process is supported by her ability in interaction with people, by diving deeper into their lives and showing empathy and understanding. 


Her current projects held in Italy concern topics related to immune-mediated deseases and the territory of Tuscia, an area in the Lazio Region in Italy. She is also working on a project about the stateless population with Russian roots in Estonia.

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