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shootings & fees
Below is a list of the most requested shootings, assuming that each can be customised. For any questions, customization or other write me at


Maybe every day seems the same to you: rolling around in bed all together, having breakfast with the little ones, a walk in the park, lunch, a bedtime book ... but every little gesture and habit can change and it is nice to be able to remember them thanks to the photos.


I will spend a day with you capturing your every action and emotion. It doesn't matter if your house is cluttered or small and dark. It doesn't matter if you don't feel beautiful enough.


What matters is your emotions and the memories that you will have to browse with your children.


Usually this type of shooting is done at least once a year, to have every year memories, often printed in a photo book, of a life lived in the family.


Duration from 5 to 12 hours

Price from 700 to 1200 € including all digital photos and slideshows


Fine art prints and photo books on request




I bet that on family travel photos you are never all together unless they are selfies or the "cheese" ones you ask a passer-by. It is a pity that those emotions you feel when discovering new things are not captured so that you can then browse the images together to say "Do you remember how beautiful that day ..."


Whether it's a touch-and-go trip to an Italian city, a few days of vacation or a whole trip .... I am ready to follow you to discover new places by taking up your every step!


You will have a beautiful reportage to show to friends when you return and maybe a nice printed book of your adventure, as well as a slideshow with the background music.


Duration can be a couple of hours, but also a day or the whole vacation

Price upon request


Do you want some beautiful portraits of your children? I am a mother and friend of many children, I will soon be able to put your children at ease to get spontaneous images, which will reflect the personality of the little models. In a place of your choice: at your home or outside.


Duration 1-1.5 hours

Price € 200 (€ 50 for each additional brother), € 20 for each additional photo

Quantity 5 high resolution images per child (images will be post produced where necessary and uploaded to a cloud storage portal)


Fine art prints on request




Birthday, baptism, wedding, family lunch or dinner, the marriage proposal ... a real reportage of your important event, capturing every moment and emotion, every special person present for you.


Duration and price to be defined on request

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